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Express-analyzer of cardiomarkers Triage MeterPro (USA)

The company "Quidel" was founded in 1988. Currently, the company's head office is in the city of San Diego (USA). The main goal of the company is the development, production and sale of products for the diagnosis of "point-of-care" of various diseases, including: myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, heart failure.
Triage MeterPro is a portable immunofluorescence analyzer manufactured by Alere, used to quantify and interpret the data. The Triage MeterPro analyzer can be used both in laboratory and outpatient settings, directly at the patient's bedside (point-of-care diagnostics).

Immunochromatographic rapid tests, ABON (PRC)

Immunochromatographic rapid tests of Abon Biopharm (PRC) are highly sensitive and specific tests and allow you to visually determine for several minutes the content of antigens, antibodies and other biomarkers in blood samples, swabs and human feces. An important advantage of these tests is their simplicity and convenience, reliability, economy, independence, anonymity.